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 Maria Whitworth Lifestyle Coaching Clarivoyant  Medium Psychic

Lifestyle Coaching

by The World Famous Psychic Medium

Maria Whitworth

A month of investigation into your life\'s history and the paths that you and your ancestors have taken that results in your life today. Weekly sessions are check points where we identify the patterns and cycles that influence the way you react and challenge you every day.

You will soon see why you react the way you do in certain situations, why relationships (friends, lovers, families) have a consistent theme, why some are struggle and difficult to maintain. Your newfound awareness will result in action and resolution.

You will come to know your purpose instead of being the victim of an unconscious role you\'ve been playing over and over. You will be educated in how to switch on the brain\'s power and illuminate the path of success in every area of your life. You will be empowered to create this path. By altering what you consume physically, mentally and spiritually, you will unleash a passion for living and a purpose that will affect your life in ever way.

There are three parts to the process:

1) Consuming animal free products and eating healthy literally creates neuro-pathways in the brain that result in clarity of thinking and purity of instinct. The Feast of Life Nutrition method is the primary building block that naturally sustains the brain\'s power and produces creativity. "Garbage in, garbage out. " By embracing alternative routes\', ones that will naturally utilize the brain\'s full capabilities, we build tools for creating lasting and healthy relationships in every area of life.

2) Elimination of the rotted waste, physically and metaphorically, is a key to starting afresh. We will eradicate the time wasted in unfulfilling relationships, the wrong job, and in weight and health problems. What is stuck on the inside is going to be stuck on the outside. This treatment starts the brain flowing and creates activity where blockages were residing. Action replaces passivity and clarity replaces confusion.

3) "Journey of The Sphinx" is a fundamental reading tool that exemplifies efforts humans exert into non-productive situations. By enlisting in only what you truly feel deep down inside and opening up the channels of your mind that have laid dormant for centuries, you can be without that deep inner anxiety that follows you through your life. You will be energized and feel only what is true and authentic. Abandoning those hidden stories and defenses so subconscious you don\'t even know they are there, you will come away with a renewed sense of freedom. It is this freedom that is the pathway to resolving all obstacles to accomplishing your life\'s purpose.

We can\'t go back we cannot stop the wind, but we can alter our sails. The first step to seeking new lands is to lose sight of the current shore. This program teaches you how to alter your sails, your karma. Through this combination of programs you will uncover historical patterns that have created your current life.
What you learn will be life altering and will result in living the life you dream of.

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