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Animal Readings

by The World Foremost Animal Communicator

Maria Whitworth

One can judge a race of people by how they treat their animals.
~ Mahatma Ghandi

In this reading you will receive a full insight to what is going on with your pet, what makes \'um tick.

Many times animals take on the symptoms of their human owners and suffer in some way. Animals are like children in that they see and remember all that they experience, but often have no comprehension of concepts. Like a child who becomes sick after his parents\' divorce, animals take on the burden of their owners\' depression, anger or frustration. Illness is often the result of a pet/owner misunderstanding or lack of communication.

Emotional problems, separation issues, aggressive behavior or sickness all have solutions. Animals do not hide anything; they have no reason, therefore every detail of their memories is accessible.

It is the Animal Kingdom that is leading our human race into transformation. Animals have a history with their owners. Exploring this history is a profound journey that will awaken memories and result in a dialogue between you and your pet. Gaining insight into your pet\'s mind is one of the most magical and moving experiences you will ever have.






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