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About Maria Whitworth

Maria Whitworth grew up in northern England where psychics from all walks of life told her she had the gift. Amidst ridicule from "normal" people she remained steadfast; her clarity of vision was not accessible to everyone else.

After researching theories about the life thereafter, Maria made it her mission to find out exactly what it all meant. She opened doors to "this other world" and the message was clear. Maria was a medium for communication with the spirits of those no longer [seemingly] here. Maria began giving readings and helping people restore their faith in their intuition, their past and in spirits whose bodies had died. As she honed her talents, word got around fast and Maria was booked for months in advance. Soon Maria\'s abilities exceeded those of the "normal" seer\'s.

One Sunday afternoon Maria was contacted by the spirits of two elderly ladies who had been brutally murdered only a mile from her home. Maria was put in touch with a detective whom she told the ladies\' entire story. Maria was able to reconstruct all the events surrounding the murder and the name of the murderer. She knew the man would strike again close to his home and when caught, confess to both murders. And it happened just that way.

Since then, Maria worked with serious crime squads and solved many cases. People have come from across the world to use Maria\'s services, to glimpse their future, their past, their careers, their relationships and to hear from their loved ones.

Maria began regressing back in time and reconstructed historical crimes that were previously unrevealed. Her studies in ancient history led her to cover-ups of a different nature. Maria discovered shifts in consciousness, shifts that cause humans to forget their pasts and their innate capabilities. Two-thirds of the human brain had been made inaccessible; the key to uncovering our past lies therein.

A tangent path led Maria to investigate and search for a cure to terminal liver disease. The reconstruction of this disease led her to causes of all \'dis-ease\'.

Her gift of communication with the animal kingdom led Maria to means for the transformation of humans. Animals do not consciously or subconsciously "cover up" and their memories are completely intact. An intact memory enables a stream of consciousness that is free of defenses and ambiguity. This completely authentic self is free of dis-ease and filled with abundant clarity, and is the key to success in every area of life.

Today Maria resides In Washington State where she still does personal readings and teaches us what is rightfully ours to know.

For a Session contact Maria directly at maria@mariawhitworth.com

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